Holst Brothers' story

It all began in 1976. Most of that summer was spent renovating a restaurant in Mammoth and it changed me forever. My parents owned blizzard ski school.

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Holst Brothers' Story

It all began in 1976. Most of that summer was spent renovating a restaurant in Mammoth and it changed me forever. My parents owned blizzard ski school.

Wanting to be a professional skier, I moved to mammoth where I assisted in the construction of an addition. It was then that I quickly realized I wanted to work full time in the sunshine. The creative aspect of construction became my outlet.

Following that summer, Holst Brothers was born.

In 1978 I moved back to Malibu and built my business around principles that were of paramount importance to me. My scrutinizing attention to detail, trustworthiness, and the ability to work with demanding clients who shared an impeccable eye for perfection are what set us apart from other contractors in the area. In addition, our ability to maintain a high standard of customer service and organization has satisfied many clients. From demolition to final punch lists, I’m on site for every stage. My hands-on approach has allowed me to grow my business into one of the best in the area.

Lead carpenters and superintendents at Holst Brothers combine for more than 100 years of experience producing superbly finished projects, exceeding homeowners’ expectations, and finishing under tight budget guidelines. We are hardworking, honest and reliable. Our office is locally run out of my showpiece — Paradise Ranch — which is also my home. My passion for architecture, the arts, and the outdoors have culminated in a dream career and a home for my family and I.

Holst Brothers has our own team of in house craftsmen who handle specialty trades and perform our work. We work closely with licensed subcontractors and consultants who have been with us for many years. This enables Holst Brothers to handle every aspect of a project as needed such as structural engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, custom home planning, carpentry, electrical, painting, hardscape, drywall, plaster, granite, and tile work. Whether it’s custom home building or a remodel of an existing residence, Holst Brothers is capable and ready to help.

I stress to my crew and myself that quality materials, attention to detail, customer service, communication, trustworthiness and meticulous craftsmanship are paramount. I believe that this has been the key to the success I’ve enjoyed throughout the years. A profession such as mine is truly an art, and I’m genuinely satisfied with our exquisitely finished projects and countless happy clients. I work diligently to maintain Holst Brothers’ quality of work and craftsmanship. All of our clients are dear friends and have become like family. Our strong work ethic and principles have led to over half of our business coming from repeat clients — with projects such as remodels, relocations, and second homes — while the other half comes from referrals.

With my passion for work comes my passion for life. Most winter weekends I’m riding my bike in the mountains or skiing in the sierras. During the summertime I can be found fishing and diving around Paradise Cove. I also have an affinity for red wine, music, and dinners at home with my family.

-Jens Holst